Following your consultation, if your project is starting from the ground up, we will take any notes during this discussion and put together a very detailed summary or synopsis of what we have in mind for your project. This packet will be complete with image examples, types of locations needed, all the way down to the artistic style and colors that we have in mind!  All these things together are what's called a treatment, and we'll present this to you for your approval to continue into the first phase of production.


The process may vary, only a bit, depending on the stage of your project at the time you reached out to us.

You never have to worry about where to start. That's why we're here.



There is a myriad of other things to get situated before we even think about turning on the camera.  This is pre-production, a crucial part of the success of your project.  This is the part where all logistics are figured out, and if done well, there is no confusion when it comes time to shoot. 


A typical pre-production checklist will include things like:

  • Location Scouting

  • Casting

  • Gear Rental

  • Script

  • Hire crew

  • Scheduling

  • Props

  • Shot lists



The more prepared we are walking on set, the smoother the entire production will be.




All of the planning and prepping done in pre-production is executed here.  We get to have a smooth fun day or days with our fancy camera and lights and observe your project in it's most raw form before it is pieced together in the post-production phase.



To put it more simply, this is the editing phase.  We will work closely with you during the editing process to fine tune all the necessary footage piece by piece into a project that you will take pride in sharing.