So, how much is a music video, anyway?


If you have questions about music video production cost, you are not alone. The answer is, there is no easy answer. We take this process very seriously becuase we understand that your video is an investment in your career. As an artist or manager your music video is your way to share your gift with the world. We want to make sure you can do that without worrying about lighting, smoke machines, and sound stages. The cost of making a music video is based upon the concept of the song, therefore it's based upon the look and feel of the video.


Music video production budgets typically cover: 



Concept development 



On-camera talent 



Location fees 





Production equipment

Production crew 




Motion graphics 

Visual effecdts 

Color correction 

Video encoding 

Digitial Delivery 



Music video production can cost as much as six-figures based on the amount of the services listed above used during production. 



What if I am a indy artist and don't even have $10,000?


Our work with small to medium budgets is unmatched in the industry. We love to produce music videos, yet most artists don't have that kind of cash out of pocket. We utilize alternative formats to produce music videos that look like they cost $70,000 but actually cost under $5,000. With the advances in today's digital age, we at Hyperion Productions can feasibly produce a television worthy music video starting at $1,625 ranging up to the amount budgeted with artists funding their own productions. 


A great production company has the power, creativity, and resources to produce awesome products within most circumstances, but ultimately the budget signficantly determines how far we can stretch the idea and outcome of the project. This is also a business, professionals offering their time, expertise, skills, and creativity must be paid. However, we will work alongside you to be sure every penny is worth it!


This is done with precise pre-production and scheduling.  Pre-production will ultimately be what keeps cost low and is what makes production quick and smooth. All decisions for production are made during pre-production. Every project gets a "production bible" to follow during production.


We reach out to trusted professionals in our network to help produce our products. Below are the typical costs to expect out of a core production team and where your budget goes. These roles also assist in a fluid and quick production period.