So, how much is a video anyway?


If you have questions about video production costs, you are not alone. We take this process very seriously because we understand that your video is a significant investment. We know you need advertising and video conent that will keep your audience engaged. Our job is make sure you can do that without worrying about lighting, smoke machines, and sound stages.


The cost of producing your video is based on your concept. Take a look at our process and contact us for a FREE consultation and quote.  


Video production budgets typically cover: 



Concept development 


Pre-production meetings


Talent casting 



Production equipment

Production crew 


Voice over artists

Location fees

Craft services






Motion graphics 

Visual effects 

Color correction 

Audio synching

Video encoding 

Digitial delivery 



What if I'm new to the industry and need to stick to a feasible budget?


Our work with small to medium budgets is unmatched in the industry. We love to produce videos, yet most entrepreneurs and artists don't have the initial capital to invest for expensive visual content. We utilize our resources to produce commercials that look like they cost $50,000 but actually cost under $5,000. The video cost is influenced by a number of factors, so we will work with you to determine how to allocate your dollars to produce the best project possible. 


We reach out to trusted professionals in our network to help produce our products. Below are the typical roles of a core production team to help you understand how your budget is allocated. 



Includes conceptualizing, storyboarding, location scouting, shot listing, and more



Creatively oversees the entire project


Director of Photography 

Professional set lighting 


Camera Operator


Assistant Camera Operator


Video Editing



Hyperion Productions has the power, creativity, and resources to produce awesome products, but ultimately the budget signficantly determines how far we can stretch the idea and outcome of the project. Professionals offering their time, expertise, skills, and creativity must be paid. However, we will work alongside you to be sure every penny is worth it!


This is done with precise pre-production and scheduling.  Pre-production allows us to keep the cost lower by making production and editing quick and smooth. All decisions for production are made during pre-production, and inserted into a "production bible" used to organize production shoots. 


We hope we've done a throrough job of explaining the factors associated with producing professional video content. When you're ready to take your conent to the next level, call us today for a FREE consultation and quote!